Tennis’ structures

Tietennis gathers several management tools that are able to help all federative structures in tennis.

It allows you to recreate all social circles around teams and the Federation itself, thus bringing all participants closer and encouraging them to play and compete harder.

Tietennis will allow you to recreate true relationships between the Federation and affiliated teams. These connections aren’t only restricted to the administrative procedures’ level, but also available for the players themselves, who, once associated, may simultaneously be members and players of a team.

Teams will be advertised on the network as affiliates of the Federation and all associated players will exhibit the logo in their profile. The Federation’s logo is also highlighted in the player’s profiles. Associated players are a part of several circles which may be segmented in region, gender, age, among others.

Within the network, news of events and players belonging to your federation are spread, not only throughout the federation, but also to all the participant’s friends, thus expanding the federation’s diffusion.

Branches or regional Delegations can be associated with the Federation and take part in the administrative tasks in the player’s network.

Tournaments can be promoted in affiliate teams and assigned to a referee, who will also be able to manage and run them. Round-Robin boards, Qualifyings and Main Draws can be mixed up in order to obtain the desired pattern. This includes Qualis, Seeds, Wild Cards, Lucky Losers, etc. Boards can be made up of 8, 16, 32, 64 or even 128 players, and draws may be automatically generated according to the official rules.

Each category allows you to find players, check their performances and even interact with them. Rankings are automatic and may be created according to level, gender, age and other criteria.

Tietennis is a network that promotes tennis and brings together thousands of players and teams from all over the world. This means that any player who has signed up will meet more people and places to play tennis, and will also be able to communicate with their Federation.

Apart from this, Tietennis also provides the players of your Federation with an app where they can create and promote their careers, keep a record of challenges and games, analyze their performance in tournaments, evaluate their training and goals and even access some other statistic data from all seasons. Players and their followers will be notified of the official tournaments, as well as their partners’ and closest friends’ news.

We believe Tietennis can help promote tennis as a sport and an organization.

To sum up, the benefits of signing up are the following:

  • Management of associates, contacts and all sports data;
  • Management of players and teams’ payments and transaction accounts;
  • Advertising of documents and programs;
  • Creation, management and tournament promotion;
  • Creation of rankings and other similar mechanisms;
  • Direct link to the affiliate teams;
  • Automatic news feed displaying news related to teams and players;
  • Direct link between your Facebook and Tietennis pages, thus allowing automatic diffusion of social media in social networks;
  • Ability to create sign ups and online payments;

Benefits for your players:

  • Player profile (with all the technical and social characteristics);
  • Record of games (current and past seasons);
  • Statistics and head-to-head comparison with other players;
  • Links to the Federation, Association and other entities (ATP, WTA, ITF, Tennis Europe);
  • Connection to friends and followers;
  • Promotion of image and career;
  • Closer link between fans and supporters;
  • Easily found places and people to play with more frequently;
  • News regarding players, tournaments and all the other events held in the region or country;
  • Announcements and official results of the professional ATP and WTA circuits;
  • Free smartphone app (Android or iOS).